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Hanging on Will’s refrigerator is a hand-written quotation: “Some ask why; I ask why not?” Ten years ago, Will, then a telemarketer with a philosophy degree, knocked on WVNN’s door asking, “why not?” For the next two years, Will was the Valley’s afternoon drive time conservative voice of reason. He left WVNN in 2007 to pursue other things, and is back home, offering again his all-at-once acerbic, unpredictable, and uniquely insightful approach to what concerns Alabamians—with the added bonus of the perspective of his millenial son who regularly challenges everything Will says. From Huntsville to Montgomery to D.C. to Syria and back, Will offers the Valley an authoritative voice on national issues—which, he maintains, are local issues. He finds humor in everything, which sometimes upsets those who need to, in his words, “screw the sense of humor light bulb in.” Make no mistake, though; his passion for history drives his commentary. But then again, so does his passion for training cats. In other words, he’s as silly as he is serious. Which makes for an entertaining show, irrespective of your ideology.